Roberta Ehlers

About Me

In 1990, I needed a job. A good friend of mine introduced me to Marsha Kerns & Josephine Gradillas. At that time they had a successful court reporting firm in Beverly Hills, California. Marsha and Jo were looking for a sales person. I knew absolutely nothing about court reporting, but I possessed customer service experience, loved helping people, and understood the importance of building relationships. After several interviews, I was offered the job. Little did I know, however, that the court reporting sales position I accepted in 1990 would turn into a rewarding career, and carve the path to managing my own thriving business.

Our Mission

To serve the legal community with an unyielding commitment to their best interest through honesty, integrity, and our personal desire to meet their needs.

It's About You

I look forward to hearing from you, and the opportunity to explore areas where my colleagues and I may serve as a resource. Please send me an email or reach out to me by phone to start the conversation.
~ Roberta

Have some questions about our work? Just ask about it!

Have some questions about our work?
Just ask about it!

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